Monday, June 27, 2011

Honda recognized for its superior quality by J.D Power quality study – Through Goudy Honda you can now experience the exceptional quality of the Honda brand.

With Fourth of July just round the corner most people are ready for some holiday shopping and great number of these shoppers are prospective automobile buyers. Most automobile buyers seek to buy a car that can deliver a dependable performance while guaranteeing safety. Honda is among the top automobile brands that enjoys considerable patronage from automobile enthusiasts. Widely appreciated for their superior engineering and exceptional quality, Honda cars are known to deliver performance on a consistent basis. Reliability, safety and performance are the cornerstones on which the Honda brand has established new benchmarks and attained wide appreciation in the automobile world. This same performance and impeccable service has earned Honda several awards from automobile experts over the past few decades.

The J.D power initial quality study has just reiterated the belief that Honda is among the best automobile brands in the country. The study has identified several Honda cars to be among the top performers in their respective segments. Honda Accord which has earned several accolades since its launch continues to dominate and has been recognized as the car having fewest defects in the new car buyers. Honda is also a brand that is declared to experience fewer complaints for every 100 cars purchased. As per the study there were 86 complaints for every 100 Honda cars while for Toyota there were 101 complaints and for Ford there were 116 complaints. Honda has also consistently received high ranking in several crucial areas like performance, technological innovation, safety, value, environmentally friendly design and quality.

The different Honda cars that enjoyed top rankings in the individual car segments include Honda CR-V and Honda Element in the SUV/Compact crossover segment and Honda Odyssey which was declared to be the top ranking car in minivan segment. Honda Crosstour was also ranked number one in midsized/SUV segment while Honda Fit was ranked number 1 in subcompact segment. The compact car segment continued to be dominated by Honda brand with two models tied for the top spot. These included Honda Insight and Honda Civic. The study reflected the popularity and high demand that Honda cars enjoyed. The details of the study can be viewed at

Goudy Honda, one of the largest Honda volume dealers in the world has a large selection of new as well as pre-owned cars that can meet the needs of its customers. Goudy Honda, your friendly Los Angeles Honda dealer has experienced and courteous sales and finance professionals that can help you in identifying a Honda car that suits your lifestyle and meets your requirements. Our sole aim is to simplify your car buying experience. Goudy Honda, a family owned dealership has more than 40 years of experience in helping customers select a suitable car. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we offer exceptional deals and financing options to our invaluable customers . Our friendly finance and sales experts are always available to answer your queries and offer you some irresistible deals. At Goudy Honda you can fulfill your dream of being a part of the Honda legacy.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

2012 Honda Civic – Experience the powerful performance and extraordinary features of this award winning car at Goudy Honda

Since the launch of the Honda Civic in 1973 this car has consistently set new benchmarks in terms of performance, comfort and safety. With the passing years Honda has continued to improvise and fine tune this design taking it to heights of perfection. The new 2012 Honda Civic remains a standout automobile in the compact car segment. The well contoured body and aerodynamic design continues to be a head turner and the car with its enhanced styling and engineering improvements promises great efficiency and performance. The 2012 Honda Civic has been designed to include 5 different models with variations to satiate the requirements of different people. This includes standard sedan and coupe models, new Civic HF model and Civic Si and Civic Hybrid models. At Goudy Honda, among the largest volume Honda dealers in the world, you can experience the power and performance of the 2012 Honda Civic line.

The 2012 Honda Civic Sedan, Coupe and HF versions have a 140 hp 1.8 L 4 cylinder i-VTEC engine. This is combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission feature. The engine modifications and improved aerodynamics have ensured that the Sedan and Coupe versions can deliver fuel economy of 39 mpg on the highway while the 2012 Civic HF can deliver highway fuel economy of 41 mg. With its improved engineering each Civic with automatic transmission boasts of partial zero emissions vehicle rating. Each of these models come with the innovative multi-information display system. With this the driver can get important information such as fuel consumption and directions displayed as per the navigation system. The Honda satellite linked navigation system in some models of the 2012 Civic comes with FM traffic which is a subscription free service providing alerts related to traffic conditions. The futuristically designed dashboard is customizable and you can easily load a wallpaper of your choice on the computer or play your music collection. These models have Bluetooth, USB interface and Handsfreelink for some trims. The Econ button in the car optimizes the performance of power systems in the car thereby ensuring higher fuel efficiency. The ECO assist technology is like having an ECO coach on board helping you extract maximum performance out of each gallon of fuel. Besides being loaded with a superior audio system, air conditioning and other features the car also has excellent safety features. These include airbags, 3-point seat belts, anti lock brake system, electronic brake distribution and advanced compatibility engineering structure among others.

The efficiency, performance and dependability of the 2012 Honda Civic can be gauged from the several awards and accolades that the car has won. Honda is recognized as the greenest automaker and has also been conferred with best retained value award given to non-luxury brands. The 2012 Honda Civic Sedan has also been given the Top safety pick award by Institute of Insurance Safety (IIHS). In the past too this brand has proven itself for the incomparable value it offers to consumers. Honda was awarded with the 2011 Best retained value awards in Non luxury brand segment by You can test drive the 2012 design at Goudy Honda, your friendly Los Angeles Honda dealer.

2012 Honda Civic Si
The 2012 Honda Civic Si is a stylish car in the Civic lineup sporting the exclusive Si badging. Designed specifically for speed junkies and sports car enthusiasts, the car has impressive 17 inch alloy wheels and a powerful 2.4L i-VTEC engine. The 6-speed manual transmission feature and stiffer suspension promises easy handling. The instrument panel of this car features the innovating multi-information display system along with a sequential rev-limit indication feature. This reflects the increasing engine speed through sequential lights. The car also has a power monitor that reflects the engine output in terms of percentage of peak horsepower. The other features in the car include USB audio interface, Handsfreelink, Bluetooth etc. The safety features in the car include antilock brake system, 3-point seat belt feature, airbags, advanced compatibility engineering structure and electronic brake distribution among others.

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid is a car delivering excellent fuel economy sporting an electric motor with an improved 1.5L i-VTEC engine. The car has a continuously variable transmission system and a lithium ion battery. This car is suitable for environmentally conscious individuals who wish to get greater fuel economy. The Hybrid comes with the intelligent multi-information display system and this can be personalized as per the tastes of the owner. The ECON mode and Eco assist help in ensuring that the car delivers optimum performance. The car is also loaded with excellent safety features and has USB interface, Handsfreelink and Bluetooth. Goudy Honda, your trusted Los Angeles based Honda dealership has more than 40 years of experience in helping customers select cars that meet their requirements. At Goudy Honda you can benefit from excellent deals on cars of your choice. We have on board some of the most experience sales and finance experts to ensure that your car buying experience is smooth and hassle free.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goudy Honda – West Covina residents can benefit from the huge inventory selection of cars

Car buying has just become a whole lot simpler and stress free process for West Covina residents, thanks to the presence of Goudy Honda. Goudy Honda, one of the largest volume Honda dealers in the world is located at Alhambra and is easily accessible for residents of West Covina. You can easily drive down to Goudy Honda and drive away the car of your dreams. At Goudy Honda you need not be worried about pushy salesmen and their pressure tactics. Our huge inventory selection of new and used cars gives you a great deal of choice in selecting a car that meets your requirements. Because we are one of the largest volume Honda dealers in the world, we are able to offer some unbelievably low prices and irresistible deals on our cars.

At Goudy Honda you can find a large inventory selection of cars and whether it is Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Ridgeline, CR-V or Pilot, we have all the cars making your selection process simple. Our team of finance, automobile and sales experts can help you complete the necessary formalities in quick time. Prospective customers thinking of buying used cars can find a large selection of used cars at Goudy Honda. Each used car is thoroughly inspected before it becomes available for sale. Any possible defects are identified and repaired or the parts are changed using the most genuine Honda replacement parts. West Covina residents looking for used cars can depend on the meticulous assessment of each car. With our stringent inspection processes you can be rest assured of owning a car that performs as well as any new car.
Our large volume of new and used cars also allows us to offer spectacular specials on our cars for our esteemed customers. You can benefit from our specials and easy financing options. Our sales and finance experts are solely interested in ensuring that you select a car that meets your requirements at economical prices. Our complete commitment to quality, our impeccable service and transparency has made Goudy Honda the preferred dealership for car buyers from West Covina and other areas. The other areas that benefit from our services include Alhambra, Pasadena, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, El Monte, Rosemead, Buena Park, Cerritos, Monrovia etc.