Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Celebrations this Independence Day with Goudy Honda in Los Angeles

new honda los angelesJuly 4, 1776 is the date that holds great importance in the history of our country. On this day, the Declaration of Independence was signed and America got freedom from the United Kingdom. It is a day every American should be proud of being the resident of world greatest country, but this freedom came with a cost. It not only a day of fun and frolic, it is also a day to remember the numerous sacrifices that our ancestors have made to get us free from the foreign rule. It is the sacrifice of these brave souls, heroes in every sense has made America what it is today.

This federal holiday is about the celebrating our freedom and spending time with our families. Independence Day is all about family reunions, parades, carnivals, picnics, fireworks, concerts, baseball games, political ceremonies and barbeques. Apart from these events, there are numerous private and public events that help in educating people about the traditions, government and history of America. One of the best celebrations are in Boston, where the USS John F Kennedy coming in under full sail and more than a hundred thousand lining up to watch the spectacular firework show, often called ‘Aerial Ballet’, over the Bay. 

Also, Independence Day cannot be complete without the discussion of the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was rung on every major occasion until it cracked in the year 1835 during the funeral of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. It has not been repaired as it is a symbol of the sacrifices that are for achieving freedom from foreign rule.

On Independence Day most families in the country go out for picnics, and enjoy the amazing fireworks once the night falls. This is the day which is meant for celebrating all the great things about our country. Goudy Honda wishes you a very Happy Independence Day. Goudy Honda ensures that your holidays are better than ever! Why not go for a picnic this month in a new Honda car? And if you are looking for buying a Honda in Los Angeles, the time is now. Goudy Honda, one of the largest volume Honda dealers in the world is offering on Honda in Los Angeles the best discounts. At Goudy Honda, this season get 0.9 % APR on long term financing on select models. These models include 2012 Honda Accord, 2012 Honda Civic, 2012 Honda Crosstour, 2012 Honda Odyssey and 2012 Honda Pilot. The offer lasts till July 7, 2012. For more details on this offer visit Goudy Honda in Los Angeles today.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Own a Honda in Los Angeles at Best Prices this Independence Day!

new honda los angelesHonda Motors has been dominating automobile segment around the world, owing to their pioneering technology and world class engineering. The company has several cars that have breached become legends. For instance, Honda Civic is currently in it ninth generation and it undisputedly the most preferred family car around the world. Similarly, Honda Accord is famed for it amazing drivability and features. Honda cars have the bequest of winning “Car of Year” awards, and Honda Civic and Accord have always led the race. Also, Honda has a car for everyone.

Right from the Honda Fit (that easily fits in your budget) to the muscular Pilot, Honda has made a car to cater to your requirements. Surely, one will be honored to become the part of this legacy and no time is better than now! This Independence Day, the fireworks and celebrations are going to be bigger and better! If you are looking to buy a Honda in Los Angeles, Goudy Honda has an offer for you!

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