Sunday, December 20, 2015

Buy a Car this Festive Season

Honda CR-V
Thanks giving just got over. But around the corner we have Christmas followed by the New Year. It’s that time of the year when families bond over sumptuous dinners and grand gifts are exchanged. Does the list of grand gifts include a car for your spouse or child? Hold on! Are you again thinking of postponing the idea of buying that most-wanted or most-needed car? This time round, go ahead and buy it!

Manufacturers and dealers are offering a host of discounts and schemes on cars this festive season. Goudy Honda, a renowned dealer in new and used Honda cars is offering lowest EMIs like $ 229 per month for 39 months on Honda CRV, $ 159 per month for 39 months on Civic Coupe, etc. Moreover, the dealer has a vehicle exchange program with better financing, lease terms and longer warranty periods. Their Elite Club Membership includes no-charge oil and filter changes and flat-tire repairs for 3 years.

For buyers, these discounts and schemes translate into huge savings. Buying a car at year end can also mean some tax savings. Plus year-end offers mean acquisition cost is low. Furthermore, manufacturers launch new models or hike prices during January. Hence, it would be ideal to tap into the year-end discounts and avail some amazing benefits. Like the dealer Goundy Honda says, "Get the gift you’ve waited for all year."

So, if you want to buy a car, the time is now. Don’t forget that some of these deals are like the flavor of the month, so don’t miss this opportunity. Hurry and zoom off with your car today! You can know more about purchasing process at Goudy Honda.