Thursday, March 27, 2014

Get Rid of the Junk in the Trunk

Your car burns gas for energy. It's food for the engine, which­ is what makes the car run. The more work the car has to do, the more energy it needs. It's why large SUVs have worse gas mileage than small cars. The added weight of the SUV makes the car work harder.­

No matter what kind of car you drive, eliminating weight can go a long way toward increasing your car's fuel efficiency. Have a ski or bike rack on your car? Unless you're on your way to a ski trip or bike ride, take it off. That unused rack adds weight and wind resistance. If you're like most people, you probably have some junk in your trunk. Sports equipment, strollers, and gym bags are all hurting your fuel economy. The EPA estimates that for every extra 100 pounds your car caries, it loses 2 percent in fuel economy. By cleaning up your act, you can start on the road to saving.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Lights & Lanterns

Because yesterday was the first day of spring, we found some patio inspiration! Spring is all about spending time outdoors and enjoying warmer weather. String some lanterns and lights along your backyard fence to give it more of an inviting look. Adding a bit of flair will encourage you to spend more time outside and  allow you to appreciate California's beautiful climate!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

This 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is happily cruising down the infamous Route 66. Where would you go with a car that gets 50 MPG city/45 MPG highway? The possibilities are quite endless in one of the world's most advanced vehicles!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Remember to spring forward! Move your clocks one hour ahead for the adjustment.

Make sure to reset all clocks in your house, including the microwave, computer, and especially your alarm clock. Don’t forget to reset the clock in your car, as well. The goal is to get used to the new time as soon as possible!

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Plethora of Honda Civic Hybrid cars in Los Angeles

New Honda Civic hybrid in LA

Honda has always been one of the top selling car brands in Los Angeles. People here, are fond of driving large sedans. Such is the craze for these cars that whenever any model is launched, Honda enthusiasts come out in large numbers to purchase these cars. Even the used models of Honda find a lot of buyers. Therefore, certified car dealers keep a large stock of new Honda cars in Los Angeles.

Global warming has been one of the biggest problems our generation is facing. Carbon emissions are one of the largest contributing factors to Global warming. To tackle this issue, Honda brand has come up with the car of the new generation, Honda Civic Hybrid. Hybrid is a combination of electricity and fuel engine. The specialty of this engine is that you can either switch to fuel or electricity, or sometimes use the combination of both depending upon the performance necessity. Honda has introduced this hybrid technology in one of its best selling cars, Honda City.

A special ECON button (see[a]) has been given to these cars. When you switch this button on, the engine programs itself to use the best driving option for a better fuel economy and performance. No doubt, many people are heading to purchase the new Honda Civic Hybrid in Los Angeles. However, if you are interested in purchasing a new Honda cars in Los Angeles, you are advised to purchase it from a reputed dealer. Goudy Honda is one of the largest certified dealers in Los Angeles. Their quality of service and customer satisfaction has won them many awards and accolades. Seeing the popularity of these cars, they have kept a huge stock of Hybrid cars. They are also offering exciting offers on the sale of these cars. From sale of the car to its servicing, everything is taken care of at Goudy Honda.

So, when it comes to buying a new Honda car in Los Angeles, the name that comes to mind is Goudy Honda. This dealer will ensure that you have a car buying experience of a lifetime.

[1] Eco Assist™ and the ECON logo are trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and may not be used or reproduced without prior written approval.