Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Importance of Choosing Authorised Auto Service

Honda CR-Z
One of the prime aspects of maintaining an automotive vehicle is proper service. Apart from just fixing a particular issue in your car, getting it serviced at an authorized centre ensures maximum safety and durability too. Following are some of the many benefits that you can avail, if you take your vehicle to a centre that offers authorized Honda service:

The use of genuine parts

Many car service providers claim that they can fix your vehicle in the quickest, cheapest way possible. However, that doesn’t entail the installation guarantee of genuine parts, tools, and methods of service. Goudy Honda has over 242 years of combined experience of servicing Honda automobiles. Therefore, you can make sure that your vehicle gets the best of assistance as a result of rigid instructions by the Honda Motor organization.


The only way to secure your vehicle’s warranty is to take it to an authorized service centre. Regular service and use of genuine parts ensure that your vehicle’s warranty is intact, and that you can avail some exciting offers without having to worry about any additional repair costs.

Service quality

An authorized service provider will give you the right estimate that efficiently explains why the repair is likely to cost a certain amount. On the other hand, unauthorized service providers are more likely to rip you off, despite providing substandard service. At Goudy Honda authorized service centre, the technicians are specifically trained to repair Honda automobiles. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting prime quality service at genuine costs.
A number of dealers provide Honda service in Los Angeles, but as a customer, it is imperative that you gather as much information about your service provider, research beforehand, and check for their authenticity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Here’s the finest ensemble of Honda cars at Los Angeles

Honda Cars At Los Angeles

Buying a car is not limited to the financial transaction. It is an experience in itself- one that takes you through a journey of finding your favourite dreams on wheels. At Goudy Honda, car-buying service in Los Angeles is taken to a whole new level with flawless hospitality and immaculate assistance throughout the process. Your passion for your new Honda car is shared and understood with utmost diligence to offer you only the best products and the finest experience. One of the most reliable and certified car dealers in Los Angeles, Goudy Honda is an ideal destination for all Honda lovers. With an array of Honda cars for sale in Los Angeles that are available in assorted sizes and price, Goudy Honda brings to you the best of car-buying experiences.

Counted among the popular car brands in Los Angeles, Honda has lucratively launched a number of top car models that serve as the most noteworthy products in automobile segment. The addition of futuristic technology by the company has only added merit to its performance, which has increasingly enhanced over the years. With large automobile offerings such as, sedans, being high in demand in Los Angeles, models such as, Honda Accord and Honda Civic have fit users’ preference list across LA.

At Goudy Honda, you are offered an opportunity to explore details about these ultra-modern Honda models and the numerous offers introduced by the dealer. This prominent Honda dealer in Los Angeles offers varied ranges of Honda cars, from used to latest models. About the used car inventory, customers can leave their worries at bay as Goudy Honda follows a strict assessment process and only selects the ones that can offer hassle-free driving experience. The assortment of models comprises Odyssey, Pilot, Civic Natural Gas, CR-Z, Ridgeline, CR-V, Crosstour, Accord Coupe, Coupe, Si Sedan, Fit, Insight, Sedan and Civic Hybrid.

Few highlights of Goudy Honda are:

  • Best discounts and insurance packages on the new Honda cars 
  • Meticulous checking process involved before sale
  • Relatively lesser car prices than other car dealers in the region
  • Qualified technicians and advisors assist best with all Honda needs

With all these and more benefits in store, Goudy Honda proves to be the best Honda authorized service that offers its customers the attention they deserve.